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My thoughts

11th November, 2009. 3:57 pm. Looking for a guild ... Boulderfist (H)

So after much discussion, myself and a small group of friends have decided to leave our tiny, raiding stagnate server and transfer to Boulderfist, (horde side).

So, do any of you ladies play on Bolderfist? And if so, could you point me in the direction of some decent guilds? Ideally, I'd like to be clearing 25 toc weekly and working on togc 25. I only want to raid 2 days a week (tues/wed would be ideal). An occasional 3rd day would be fine (mon or thurs). With Icecrown on the horizon, I definitely want to be in a postion to see it when it comes out.

We are all toc 25 geared. (We = shadow/disc priest, dk tank and enh/resto shammy. Possibly making the transfer with us as well ... a rogue, prot war, resto druid, blood dps dk and a hunter.)



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7th June, 2006. 8:02 am. Moving Day

Today is moving day. I'm moving out of the house we have been living in since we got married and into the FIRST HOUSE WE BOUGHT TOGETHER! I just wish the movers would get here. This waiting is killing me.

Current mood: excited.

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6th January, 2006. 6:02 pm. It's almost over

Christmas is over. The returns rush is over. Inventory is a little over a week away. So, in 10 days, I'll have a breather. I can't wait.

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2nd November, 2005. 1:44 pm. Beauracracy

I hate dealing with government agencies. All I wanted to do today was get the title on my old car transfered to Mom. Granted, I didn't have the pink slip - got lost in one of my many moves - I did have a letter from the finance company stating that the car was mine 100%. Well, apparently this isn't good enough for Washington State. I need to request a title from California, which will month, before I can transfer the car. Aargh. What a pain.

Current mood: frustrated.

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30th October, 2005. 6:53 pm. The end of daylight savings

I really hate this time of year. I hate going to work when it's dark and coming home when it's dark. I miss sunshine and light. I always feel off - not quite depressed, but not quite right. People seem grumpier. I feel grumpier. It's hard to motivate myself to do anything outside the house. I just want to stay home and read, or solve puzzles, or watch movies, or quilt, or play on the computer. Gah. How many months until Spring?

Current mood: discontent.

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23rd October, 2005. 10:38 am. Vacation time

Well, it's the countdown to the Christmas season. The store is getting busier, people are getting snarkier and the staff is short tempered. As usual, the truck schedule is messed up. Boy am I glad I had the foresight to request this week off.

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10th October, 2005. 1:47 pm. Playing hooky

Well, for the first time in over a decade I called in sick to work when I wasn't sick. I woke up this morning and thought: screw it, I don't feel like working. Besides, I have so much sick time accrued that I'm not accruing anymore. So I'm spending the day lounging on the couch, reading the adventures of Anita Blake, watching my dvd's, playing on the computer and doing my puzzles.

Current mood: relaxed.

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16th September, 2005. 8:48 pm. thoughts

Yay! We hired Crystal's replacement. She starts in 2 weeks. Sad thing is, M and I were talking, and we haven't noticed a difference since Crystal has been gone. That says a lot about how crappy she was.

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26th August, 2005. 7:32 pm. My novel

I'm still writing it. But it's not coming out as quickly as it did in the beginning. And I keep going off on tangents. Maybe I should write a loose outline? But I've always hated writing off of outlines.

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21st August, 2005. 8:19 pm. My novel

I finally did it! I finally started my novel. Or, at least a short story. The hardest part was starting. Once I got past the first few sentences, it just started flowing out of me. I hope my inspiration continues. I know this draft is a rough, rough, rough draft. I'm trying not to edit as I go. That will be for the next draft. I'm also not worrying too much about keeping the storyline in order. I'm writing as I go. I'll put it in order later.

Current mood: ecstatic.

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